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Best VPN For Small Bussines 2021

Cisco offers a wide variety of VPN routers for small business applications including the RV 160 the RV 260 and the RV 340 W we’ll talk about which one is the right fit for your situation on this edition of tech talks next.

The major difference among the RV 160 the RV 260 and the RV 340 W is the number of IPSec VPN tunnels supported by each but there are a few other features that differ as well let’s start with the

RV 160 W it supports dual land with SFP capability as well as failover capability as you can see it also

supports several different land functionalities including DHCP static IP pppoe PPTP and l2tp naturally.

It also supports ipv6 the wireless versions of all three routers support 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz radio they also support functionalities like captive portal and lobby ambassador which is a very useful feature whenever you want to give temporary access to your guests such as those staying in your hotel or eating at your restaurant.

Each of these routers supports static routing of course but our IP versions 1 & 2 and the ipv6 our IP version are also supported which may suit the routing needs inside your company in terms of firewall all the major features such as access rules network address translation and static NAT are covered.

Not to mention port forwarding port triggering and policy net ask for VPN you can see that these routers also support Amazon website Assistant.

Microsoft Azure IP v1 policies and IPSec profiles site-to-site IPSec VPN is supported but the number of supported IPSec tunnels differs from one router to the next the RV 160 supports as many as 10 IPSec tunnels the RV 260 supports as many as 20 and the 340 supports as many as 50 each router also supports site to site client to site Open VPN PPTP and GRE tunnel.

In terms of security each router supports content filtering content filtering allows you to block or allow matching URLs based on domain or based on keyword each Cisco router also features the Cisco umbrella DNS service which allows you to protect your network from malicious threats coming from the internet on the RV 340 specifically we offer web filtering antivirus and IPS or intrusion prevention system what filtering allows you to block specific URLs and IPS helps to block malicious text from the Internet.

Two of the models the two 60 and the 340 also support p OE or power over Ethernet this means that you can deploy these routers in scenarios where p OE is needed such as in offices where wireless access points are deployed p OE can also be used in video surveillance or other similar applications this has been a brief look into Cisco’s small business routers thanks for watching Tech Talks from Cisco we’ll see you next time.