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So why does your business need a VPN? Let’s take an example. This is Maya from

your accounting department. Hey Maya. Maya’s trying to set up a safe remote

workspace, but she might not be aware of all the danger out there. NordVPN Teams

gives her a secure network to work on. It plugs safety holes in home or public

Wi-Fi. Prevents cyber attacks. And let’s you decide who joins your network. With

NordVPN Teams you get a powerful cloud-based business VPN from the

world’s most trusted cybersecurity family it gives you all the advantages

of a personal VPN with the protection and convenience of an enterprise

security system, so you don’t have to worry about digital security. Or Maya

from accounting trying to work from home. With NordVPN Teams you can create a

secure Network and easily add your team members. You can click between dozens of

geo locations and with seamless remote integration and customizable features

you can get your whole team working on a secure network today. To protect your

team visit And don’t forget to subscribe here for

the latest tips tricks trends and advice from NordVPN Teams: The Business VPN