Atlas VPN Review

Nothing irritates me more than shady VPN app that give you something for free. The good stuff is only available to paying subscribers.

Atlas VPN, another freemium vpn that changed my mind, was recently introduced to me. Let’s begin with my Atlas VPN review. Atlas VPN has both a free and a paid component, which is referred to as a freemium model.

Despite the fact that Atlas VPN free service is mediocre, the premium service is adequate, but it is significantly more expensive than competitors with comparable reputations. This is not a personal attack on Atlas VPN, For those interested in this, please continue reading.

VPN services abound nowadays, and hundreds to thousands of them exist, so I wanted to give you a thorough overview of what they provide, how they work, and who they are.

Even though I believe in healthy market competition, you must ask yourself whether another one is really necessary at some point. So, what is it about Atlas VPN, a young company, that benefits us and distinguishes it?

My curiosity lies there,, Let’s find out if Atlas VPN is a popular and efficient freemium VPN.


How do I Use Atlas VPN for free?

Although I generally advise people against using free VPNs, Atlas VPN has a good reputation. By offering free services, they offset the costs by converting a percentage of those free users to premium users, which I can support.

Streaming Netflix from it was quite hassle-free, although the server options are a little limited. Those interested in torrenting can use the app, which advertises unlimited computers and devices, so you aren’t limited to how many you can use at once.


Speaking of the app

It’s a good choice for almost everyone thanks to an easy-to-understand power button and a simple, but user-friendly design.


Is Altas a Good VPN?

Atlas currently supports only IKEV. This protocol has been proven to be secure, but standards such as open VPN and wire guard are more widely accepted and are more trusted. I K E V two is not.

Atlas is new, as I understand. There are 500 servers across 17 different countries, which is noteworthy. Comparatively, the provider has a small network compared to other providers.

NordVPN has over 5,000 servers located in 59 countries, compared to ExpressVPN’s 3000 servers available in 94 countries.

Providing the services that they provide will suffice if we don’t have to run thousands of servers. Above is a screenshot of the free version of the software, which provides three different servers.

When you upgrade to premium, you gain access to the rest of the global server network with a single click. You will notice that they do not provide Is there a Linux media player extension for the Amazon Fire Stick, Windows 10, or iOS?

Another feature I like is that they don’t require my personal information to use this service. Despite being a premium user, I have yet to sign in or log in with my email address. I also like the privacy aspect of this.



Atlas VPN is still a great option. Even though the ten-dollar option for one month appears unappealing, it is still very affordable. A one-year subscription costs about $2.50 per month, and a three-year subscription costs about $1.40 per month, which is a great deal.

Atlas may not be the fastest VPN, but if you want something with good security features and server options, Atlas VPN may be right up your alley. It is impossible to find another freemium vpn App  that provides this level of service for a comparable price.