Star Trek Discovery Netflix VPN

The US broadcast of Star Trek Discovery is Televised via CBS All Access and owned by CBS. While Netflix in the UK streams the show, the Netflix streaming service in the US is geoblocked in accordance with the IP address from where you are accessing it.

A contract with a content creator or copyright proprietor represents the company’s contractual obligations. Netflix is bound by their terms.

As a condition for Netflix’s content to be available only in jurisdictions where it has been licensed, it needs to enforce geo-restrictions.

There are numerous instances in which Netflix subscribers may feel enraged that their favorite videos aren’t available where they live, but are available elsewhere.


How to Watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix in the US

VPNs, which are cheap online tools to spoof our location, are a great way to achieve this. You can access all the videos you normally cannot access by connecting to a VPN server in another country, which gives you the appearance of actually living there.


Using a Free VPN for CBS All Access

Using a free VPN or accessing CBS All Access or checking your e-mail is not often recommended. As a first step, however, free VPNs cannot support streaming services that set geo restrictions.

After that, they limit bandwidth and data. Since these measures are in place, streaming isn’t possible.¬†Furthermore, there is only a small amount of space with a few servers and all traffic can create a bottleneck.

Also consider how they make money. Their services aren’t free. The assumption must be that someone else pays them since you aren’t. Data is constantly being sold, third-party ads are injected, and malware is injected into client devices.

Aren’t a few bucks a month worth your security?


Recommended VPN to Watch Star Trek Discovery


Each time we review ExpressVPN, it comes out on top. One of their strongest points is their fast servers. Online protection and security are also provided as you stream. The superior encryption practices offered by ExpressVPN are among the best in the industry.

They have a no logging policy, which makes them immune to hackers and snoopers. You can even activate a kill switch automatically.

You can try out their service for 30 days risk-free.



Our list constantly lists NordVPN just behind ExpressVPN. It’s because they’re also fast and offer great service. You will be protected when doing anything online with its high-end security measures.

You can always spoof your location with their 5,000 servers located across the globe. Get your whole family online at the same time by connecting up to six devices at once.

Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed for 30 days.


CyberGhost VPN

Despite being at the end of the list, CyberGhost VPN still occupies a leading position in the VPN industry. Netflix UK and CBS All Access are included in their service.

The company adheres to its encryption practices and does not keep any records of its users. Apps are available for most devices so you can use the service.

Take advantage of the 45-day money back guarantee.


How to Use

  • Firstly, you need a VPN service subscription
  • Get the app and log into your account after installing it on your device. Connect to a British or Australian server.
  • When your connection is established, you can launch Netflix in your browser or restart the app. Find Star Trek Discovery on Netflix to view the newest episodes.
  • You’re done! With a VPN, watching Star Trek Discovery on Netflix shouldn’t be too challenging.



If you do not want to pay for a VPN, then you should reconsider, but you shouldn’t skip this step for your privacy and security online. With CBS All Access Mobile, it is now easier for you to stay on top of Star Trek Discovery.