According to Researchers, VPN Use Will Skyrocket by 2022

With so many people using VPN, it is quickly becoming an essential security tool for web browsing. It is no secret that the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is increasing. Nonetheless, according to a new report from Market Research Future (MRF), VPN use will skyrocket by 2022.

MRF predicts that the global VPN market will reach 106 billion dollars in five years. It may not come as a surprise to those who have tried a VPN, but a recent report confirms that usage is set to skyrocket in the coming years.

According to the report, online threats have grown in recent years, prompting consumers to seek alternative methods of protecting their online privacy. A VPN was previously thought to be a product only for tech experts and those in the industry. People who understand the internet’s insecurity are more likely to use it.

The public is more aware of how to protect themselves online as a result of recent security breaches. Furthermore, they have been compelled to improve their online security. A decade ago, many users used software that came with their bank accounts, such as Kaspersky from Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom. Internet users today are more aware of their privacy than ever before.

It is something that anti-virus software cannot protect against. As a result, the VPN has become the most popular security tool for average users because it protects the user’s privacy. VPN service providers are also becoming more popular.

IPVanish and NordVPN, are among the industry leaders mentioned in the report. These names are likely to become more well-known in the future. Positive feedback and reviews will encourage customers to join reputable providers like them. Smaller, lower-quality providers will be left in the dust.

VPN technology has recently become more well-known, and as a result, many leading security suites are eager to join the crusade. As a result, traditional VPN service providers will be forced to change their business models.

Kaspersky already includes a VPN service, and AVG buys Privax, the same company that created the VPN service HideMyAss. Furthermore, Norton’s parent company, Symantec, has purchased SurfEasy. Cloudflare recently used Neumob to secure their internet connection.

The United States is unquestionably the market leader in consumer-focused VPN services. Following the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013, users may be more concerned about their internet security.

China and India were among the countries mentioned in the report. As a result, governments in countries such as China have been forced to restrict citizens’ access to web pages that are freely available in the West as mobile internet becomes more prevalent.

The Chinese government has also threatened to obstruct VPN access. VPNs are now required no matter where you are. To circumvent geoblocking and censorship on the Internet, as well as for your own safety